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project: MVMT Blog

MVMT Blog is a travel blog created by two sisters, Diana and Hope, that shows you how you can travel the world beyond life’s boundaries, like school and work.

For this project, I was in charge of creating a compelling and cohesive brand, interesting and useful content, and an online course on securing brand sponsorships.


Created on: July 2016
Ended on: Ongoing


Content Strategy/Creation

The Problem

My sister, Hope, and I started MVMT Blog after we made numerous mistakes on our hike to Trolltunga in Norway in July 2016 due to unpreparedness. Our unpreparedness was due to a lack of information online about the hike and led to an unexpected 11 hour day of hiking and multiple injuries. We knew there had to be a way to get information about the hike to the public so future travelers wouldn’t make the same mistakes we made.

The Solution

We knew there had to be a way to obtain information about Trolltunga – and about other hikes and travels – to the public so that future travelers wouldn’t make the same mistakes we made.

Our solution was to create a travel blog. I have always loved to write, and Hope was studying UX research and design at the time. We both love to travel. Our combined skill sets created the perfect recipe for a successful blog. 

The Process: Visual Branding

First, we needed a visual brand: a logo, website, and social media images. We wanted words like minimalistic, androgenous, and adventurous to describe our brand, and we wanted these attributes to show through our visual branding. After several rounds of re-branding over the years, we settled on a largely blue-based color scheme to represent our frequent adventures in nature and a sans-serif font that is straight forward and inviting.

the process: audience targeting


We knew we had to first define our target audience in order to successfully appeal to them. Narrowing down our target niche was both easy and hard at the same time. On the one hand, we know what kind of travel we like – I’m mostly into adventure travel, and Hope is mostly into off-the-beaten-path and budget travel.

On the other hand, finding a cohesive way to synthesize our interests together and communicate that to our audience in a clear way was a challenge. We also had to learn to not grow too attached to the niche we had previously defined and to be flexible with shifting our niche with our shifting interests.

The process: content strategy


Our current content strategy is focused on developing and strengthening a few niches, rather than trying to cover all of our travels. We have stepped away from creating one-off blog posts about a destination and instead try to create at least 8-10 blog posts per destination. The purpose of this strategy is to strengthen our SEO and improve our Google rankings.



The process: follower growth

While our growth strategy right now is largely focused on SEO, we also try to consistently utilize social media in order to grow our follower base. The social media platform that has been most instrumental to our follower growth has been Pinterest. We’ve seen first hand over time how Pinterest operates more like a search engine than a social media platform.


Since the inception of the blog, I have been focused on monetizing it and using it as a way to support myself financially and fund my travels. Some monetization strategies we’ve utilized are affiliate marketing, advertisements, sponsored content, brand partnerships, and press trips. Getting involved in brand partnerships and press trips have been my favorite ways of monetizing the blog.

Next Steps

Moving forward, we want to continue to grow our following, develop new brand partnerships, and create new products, whether in the form of more online courses or physical merchandise.