E-Commerce Starter Kit

E-Commerce Starter Kit


Whether you’re brand new to e-commerce and have no idea where to start with legally protecting your e-commerce business, or you’re a seasoned e-commerce guru who hasn’t gotten around to putting the proper legal protections in place yet, the E-Commerce Starter Kit is for you.



Who this kit is for:

+ E-commerce business owners

About this kit:

With an e-commerce business, your focus is on more traditional aspects of a business transaction, such as moving products, arranging shipping, and dealing with refunds and exchanges. In short, there are a lot of details that go into a sales transaction. This starter kit is intended to help you consider all aspects of the sale and help you communicate these details with your purchaser and manage expectations on both sides.

What you get with this kit:

+ A fully customizable privacy policy template  to protect your visitors’ personal data
+ A fully customizable terms of use template to protect your website’s content and branding
+ A fully customizable terms and conditions template to lay down your ground rules for conducting business with others
+ A fully customizable sales agreement to lay out the details of your sale
+ A fully customizable independent contractor template to protect your relationship with your virtual assistant or other independent contractor
+ Step-by-step instruction manuals attached to each template to help you customize all 5 templates in less than an hour

*All templates are prepared by an attorney and peer-reviewed by another attorney.


+ 30 days of unlimited email access to me so you can ask all the questions you have and make sure you’re super clear on how to set up your legal templates for your e-commerce business
+ Free lifetime updates for all five contract templates. If the law changes and my contract templates change with the law, you’ll be the first to know and receive a copy of the updated contract template
+ 15% off all business coaching services from That Freedom Life so you can start creating the life of freedom you desire


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