Below are some projects I've worked on that I'm proud of.

If something catches your eye, send me a message and we’ll figure out how we can work together.

Created in July 2016, MVMT Blog focuses on showing people how they can overcome life’s boundaries to achieve their travel dreams. My sister, Hope, and I write about the 65+ countries we’ve traveled to in a way that’s useful and practical for our readers.

Content Writing

My nearly 20 years of schooling instilled in me the basic foundations of writing, and my last few years of working online trained me to become an engaging and effective storyteller. I have built a strong expertise in creating travel content, marketing copy, copywriting, and academic research.

Web Development

While I’ve been building Wordpress sites since 2016, I decided to level up my skills and acquire the knowledge and expertise to become a full stack developer by December 2019. You can check out some of my preliminary work on Github.

I started my career in the law. Once I decided to take my work remote so I could travel, I created these legal contract documents for online entrepreneurs. These customizable templates will help you “be legal” without all the headache of lawyers and boring legal stuff.

Life is a lot like tetris. If you try to fit in, you'll disappear.